GALEX Sky Plot Tool

The GALEX Sky Plot Tool generates a plot of a region of the sky centered on a user specified position and showing the GALEX field of view with respect to nearby stars, galaxies, background emission, and user specified science targets.

If you wish to plot a larger region or a region defined by its corners, use the more powerful interface of the Target Observation and Archive Search Tool (opens a new window). From the main TOAST page, click the 'Advanced' option next to 'Interface Control.' Under 'Search Method' choose 'Box Search.' Input your search coordinates and submit your request at the bottom of the page. There will be a link to the corresponding Sky Plot just above the table in the 'Matching Observations Table' section of the results page.

WARNING! A bug in the skyplot tool will not plot the positions of the observation(s) and science target(s) if the positions are input as sexagesimal (HH MM SS.SSS). For now proposers should input positions in decimal degrees. For example RA 12h30m00.0s = 187.5 degrees and Dec 40d12m00.0s = 40.20 degrees. Positions of archival observations (advanced interface) and the field of view of the central observation will be plotted correctly. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Interface Control: Basic / Advanced
Labels with the symbol are required.

Coordinate System

decimal degrees DDD.DDD or sexagesimal HH MM SS.SSS

decimal degrees [+/-]DD.DDD or sexagesimal [+/-]DD MM SS.SSS
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