Index of GALEX Tools

These Tools were designed for participants in the GALEX Guest Investigator Program (GIP). The GIP had its 6th and last-planned observation cycle in 2010. It has been replaced by the GALEX Community Priority Program (CPP). Some tools are much less useful for CPP proposers than for GIP.

In particular, the Planning Wizard is a front end to other tools, which arranges and formats results to be saved, especially for insertion into Guest Investigator proposals for the discontinued GIP. For the Community Priority Program, which prioritizes rather than selecting targets, the GALEX Project takes care of safety issues. Much less information is required (and permitted) in CPP proposals, compared to GIP, thus CPP proposers will probably not find the Planning Wizard useful.

The tools most likely to be useful for CPP proposers are the Target Observation and Archive Search Tool and the Sky Plot Tool, for finding and plotting archival and planned observations, the Exposure Time Calculator for calculating signal-to-noise ratios, and the Visibility Tool for determining what time of year observations are possible.

WARNING: The recent bug that truncated Sexagesimal (HH MM SS.SSS) input positions has been fixed. However a bug remains in the skyplot tool when using Sexagesimal positions. Until this is fixed proposers should input positions in the skyplot tool in decimal degrees. For example RA 12h30m00.0s = 187.5 degrees and Dec 40d12m00.0s = 40.20 degrees. We apologize for the inconvenience.

The Planning Wizard can be used to automate the execution of each tool from a list of positions or ARK RPS 'save' file.

We strongly recommend that every Guest Investigator include the results from the tools in the list below as part of the scientfic justification:

We recommend that every Guest Investigator review, but not necessarily report, the results from the tools in the list below:

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